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About the photographer: Jamie Zenteno


In my ripe old age of 16, there I was at Girl Scout camp developing film from the pictures I had taken earlier that day. Little did I know then, that several years later I'd pick up a camera again and make my passion into a business.


When I had my oldest daughter in 2010, I fell in love with the art even more. In 2011, I got my dba, packed my camera and confidence, and headed off to shoot my first wedding scared to death. Now mind you it rained the whole entire day, my confidence and skills got pushed to the limits but the overwhelming feeling of knowing that I had actually made my dream turn to a reality was priceless!! 

I have two amazing daughters, eight years apart who are my whole entire world. If I’m not at a session or wedding, you'll find me often at a rodeo arena or at home building forts, gardening or riding our horses. 


As a small town girl myself, I understand that these life events are more than just a day you experience. Photography isn’t about snapping a picture at a wedding, kiddo’s or family just to hang on the wall. It's more than that. It’s capturing a moment in my client’s life to be treasured for years to come.


It is not uncommon for me to lay on the ground for that perfect shot, and if you ask my assistant Stefanie, she has those shots hidden away on her SD card somewhere.

To earn your confidence, you should know my experience in Texas weddings is deep. I have photographed backyard weddings, as well as intimate weddings on the beach. I have even photographed grand vintage-style weddings in the historical homes of Galveston. These are difficult locations to photograph, and all are managed with skill. I enjoy speaking with my clients about what their vision is for their wedding. This is your day. Not mine. Every bride has something special to them that they want to make sure is captured. I love the smile on my client’s faces when they see their special place, item or idea captured the way they wanted.

Thank you so much for stopping by my website, please feel free to check out my portfolio while you’re here.

Y’all take care!!



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